OptiYield® is driven through software algorithms combining unique soil analysis methods with crop-specific agronomics and novel biotechnology.

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Over the last ten years, the OptiYield team has developed and refined a range of soil analysis tests that offer an extension to the Standard Soil Analysis (SSA) and provide more accurate information relating to the soil’s ability to provide the necessary nutrient conditions for optimum crop establishment, growth and yield.

The analysis methods provide the following information along with the SSA:

  • A breakdown of soil characteristics – soil texture, fitness and cation antagonism, pH, base saturation and organic matter %
  • An analytical and calculated measure of phosphate availability
  • An available phosphate measurement
  • Cation availability
  • Micronutrient availability

OptiYield has developed this testing regime in conjunction with a leading UK laboratory and the tests are undertaken as part of the OptiYield package.

Soil Analysis Results Report

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OptiYield is a scientifically based, integrated algorithm that takes a combination of eight sets of variable data from your field and the proposed crop including:
  • 40+ soil and foliar factors
  • Soil nutrient availability models
  • Soil microbe assessment
  • Crop response data trials
  • Anti-stress and growth biostimulants
  • Crop varietal characteristics
  • Crop nutrient demand models
  • Research database of 2000+ documents

From these, a tailored crop and field-specific plan is generated detailing:

  • A complete crop nutrition programme
  • Optimised fertiliser application and anticipated fungicidal use
  • Bioactive nutrients and biostimulant programme
  • Application timing relating to growth stages

OptiYield Full Lifecycle Nutrient Management Plan

OptiYield Core solutions are Optimised Growth Development Programmes for all UK crops for use by agronomists, farmers and growers. OptiYield Core is a tailored ‘ready to go’ programme from the OptiYield product family. OptiYield Core pinpoints each crop’s most important growth stages and targets these with the appropriate mixture of nutrients and biostimulants to maximise performance and minimise waste. Trials of OptiYield Core programmes and products have consistently delivered improved marketable yields of potatoes, carrots and other crops between 10-25 %, leading to significant increases in net ROI of £500 - £1,500 per hectare.

OptiYield Core provides a package of nutrient and biostimulant products that has been developed from the results of many trials, from laboratory research to academic trial plots right the way through to farm field trials. The research into formulations and applications has provided the basis for the OptiYield range of nutrition, biostimulant and biological products that has been developed to achieve a maximum crop uptake and yield output with a minimal environmental impact.

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Foliar fertilisers are designed to be applied directly to the leaves of a plant. Plants are able to absorb essential elements through their leaves.

OptiYield Macronutrients and Micronutrients are developed to complement and, in many cases, replace soil-applied fertilisers.

Due to the significant increase in efficiency and efficacy of OptiYield products, farmers can dramatically reduce the amount of overall fertiliser inputs they use. This meets one of the FAO objectives to reduce the overall environmental impact and carbon footprint of fertilisers.

OptiYield products are available in liquid and powder form and their unique formulations are designed to provide optimal penetration and mobility of the nutrients within the plant and can be tank-mixed together with other OptiYield foliar nutrients and biostimulants as well as third-party crop protection products.

OptiYield 3rd Generation designer biostimulants are developed from research and investigation of 1000's of natural materials using fundamentals of biochemistry

Biostimulants are defined as:

“A non-fertiliser material containing substance(s) and/or microorganisms applied to plants or the rhizosphere whose function is to stimulate and benefit natural plant development processes embracing nutrient uptake, nutrient efficiency, crop quality, crop vigour, resistance to or tolerance of external environmental stresses.”

OptiYield 3rd Generation designer biostimulants are developed from research and investigation of 1000’s of natural materials using fundamentals of biochemistry including researching/measuring gene regulation and expression technology, and based on funded research with lab assays, pot and independent replicated field trials.

We are now turning our attention to the next generation of biostimulants and integrating these with foliar nutrients and microbial applications through the lens of the OptiYield system.

Soil health is impaired both by poor cultivation/rotation practices and overuse of input factors such as fertilisers, fungicides, nematicides and insecticides.

Long-term use of some soil-applied broad-spectrum fungicides and pesticides can put continued pressure on soil biology, reducing the population and biodiversity of the wider beneficial microbial community.

Research into reversing this trend has shown benefits in promoting crop/microbe associations through inoculating soils with beneficial micro-organisms, developing crop varieties that better associate with soil micro-organisms and investigating optimal soil management regimes (e.g. crop rotations, inter-cropping and reduced-tillage) that promote beneficial microbial biodiversity.

OptiYield microbial formulations have proven themselves to be exceptionally effective, especially when used as part of an overall OptiYield programme.