OptiMan Foliar Manganese

OptiMan Foliar Manganese Use:

High efficiency foliar manganese designed for essential micronutrient crop support.

Benefits of OptiMan Foliar Manganese:

  • Proven and practiced fertilisation technology for several years
  • Making manganese fertilisation independent of unfavourable weather conditions
  • Allows very even application and precise timing of uptake during periods of high demand, especially when soils are dry


    All arable and field vegetable crops.

    Pack Size:

    20l, 200l, 600l, 1000l (IBC).

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    Product Label

    OptiMan manganese is specifically formulated using the unique acidifying and complexing technology with water-soluble anionic polyelectrolyte polymers derived from natural sources for easy mixing, enhanced compatibility and efficiency of uptake.


    Analysis w/v % g/L
    Total Nitrogen (N) 2.96 29.6
    Amide Nitrogen (N)  2.96 29.6
    Magnesium (MgO) 1.18 11.80
    Manganese (Mn) 14.80 148.0
    Sulphur (SO3) 20.87 208.7

    As nutrients are taken in by the foliage sufficient leaf area must be present to absorb the spray. This normally coincides with the 3-leaf stage onwards in most crops. 

    Applications should be made in the early morning or late evening when the uptake by the plant will be maximised.

    Half fill the sprayer with water, start agitation and add the appropriate amount of OptiYield nutrition products first. This will ensure that the water is suitably conditioned for maximum spraying efficiency. 


    Crop Timing Rate
    All Arable and Field Vegetable crops Timings are dependent on crop, residual nitrogen and targets. 2.0- 5.0 l/ha in 100-200 l water/ha

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