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BioZest Use:

BioZest is used to provide improved growth and vigour and to improve resistance to heat, cold and drought stresses.

Benefits of BioZest:

  • Rate for rate more powerful than any alternative tested to date
  • Improves resistance to heat, cold and drought stresses
  • Increases early rooting
  • Improves photosynthetic performance
  • Increases in photosynthetic area as well as leaf and shoot growth
  • Stronger plants – slows disease ingress and progression 
  • Increases in plant carbohydrate production and sugar content in treated crops


    BioZest can be used on all crops that require a boost to growth and health. They have no statutory harvest interval or maximum dosage limit.

    Pack Size:


    A 5l can of BioZest a biostimulant for agricultural use
    MSDS Sheet
    Product Label

    BioZest contains a mixture of bioactive compounds and minerals principally from renewable and sustainable natural resources, qualifying for Organic status in most markets. It contains 7 principal amino acids, along with a further 11 amino acids,  betaines, other organic acids and natural plant hormones (auxins, cytokinins and gibberellins). 

    BioZest includes additional ingredients shown to boost photosynthetic performance & efficiency.

    Together the constituents aid uptake and redistribution of nutrients within the plant, improve drought resistance, promote root initiation and growth stimulation. 

    A programme of applications on 10 to 14 day intervals will get the maximum benefit from alternating BioBoost & BioZest on both Broadacre and vegetable crops.

    As a foliar apply in at least 120 l/ha water to achieve adequate coverage.


    Crop         Timing Rate
    All crops  Apply as a foliar spray in 120L water – may be tank mixed with fungicides & herbicides 0.5 L / ha

    BioZest Product Label

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