OptiYield is the most comprehensive soil analysis and crop-specific nutrition programme available anywhere in the World today.

Independent crop trials have consistently shown benefit of our programmes.

Significant research programmes with major Universities, Research Institutes and International partners.

Ian and Fiona Elliott, together with son and daughter Patrick and Tess, grow around 170ha of potatoes on the silty clay loams at Cresswell Barn Farm next to the Cleddau Estuary in Pembrokeshire.

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A major potato producer in Yorkshire has boosted marketable yields by around 12% by adopting a more comprehensive approach to crop nutrition.

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Kincraigie Seed Potato Growers

Trials carried out by Kincraigie Growers, a 150ha seed potato-growing operation based in central Perthshire, have clearly demonstrated the potential of OptiYield foliar treatments.

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Many more farm trials…

Chip and Crisping Potato Trials – Brickyard Farm

Andrew Wilson of C.J. Wilson & Son is the fourth generation to farm on
the Castle Howard Estate, about 14 miles North East of York. Their
operation has grown steadily and now grows around 250 acres of
potatoes, supplying chip and crisp factories in roughly equal measures
– including Walkers’ Crisps and McCain’s chips.

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National Root Crop Growers & Packers 

One of the biggest issues facing carrot growers is waste, and with the United Nations predicting that farmers need to increase food production by 70% to meet the global demand, increasing marketable yield is ever more important.

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