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BioBoost Use:

BioBoost is used to provide improved growth and vigour and to improve resistance to heat, cold and drought stresses.

Benefits of BioBoost:

  • Rate for rate more powerful than any alternative tested to date
  • Improves resistance to heat, cold and drought stresses
  • Increases early rooting
  • Increases in photosynthetic area as well as leaf and shoot growth
  • Stronger plants – slows disease ingress and progression 
  • Increases in plant carbohydrate production and sugar content in treated crops


    BioBoost can be used on all crops that require a  boost to growth and health. They have no statutory harvest interval or maximum dosage limit.

    Pack Size:


    5l can of BioBoost biostimulant
    MSDS Sheet
    Product Label

    BioBoost contains a mixture of bioactive compounds and minerals principally from renewable and sustainable natural resources, qualifying for Organic status in most markets. It contains 7 principal amino acids, along with a further 11 amino acids,  betaines, other organic acids and natural plant hormones (auxins, cytokinins and gibberellins). 

    Together the constituents aid uptake and redistribution of nutrients within the plant, improve drought resistance, promote root initiation and growth stimulation. 

    A programme of applications on 10 to 14 day intervals will get the maximum benefit from alternating BioBoost & BioZest on both Broadacre and vegetable crops.

    As a foliar apply in at least 120 l/ha water to achieve adequate coverage.


    Crop        Timing Rate
    All crops 

    Apply as a foliar spray in 120L water – may be tank mixed with fungicides &


    0.5 L / ha

    BioBoost Label

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