OptiYield® is the complete soil health and crop performance system that harnesses digital agronomic tools to deliver advanced proprietary crop input programmes for agronomists and farmers.

Based on forty-five years’ experience and fifteen years of product research and development, testing and on-farm usage, OptiYield is the farmer-facing realisation of Emerald Research’s system and product development programme. For the first time, this provides farms with a full lifecycle crop nutrient management and optimisation plan, based on soil and crop science.

OptiYield’s philosophy is built on a universal approach to the entire cropping system and full cropping cycle, aiming not only to improve crop performance dramatically, but also improve sustainability, reduce fertiliser use and pollution as well as increasing water use efficiency.

10-25% Marketable yield increase per year

Delivering improved financial & environmental performance

Why use OptiYield®?

More reasons to use OptiYield® ….

Reduce N & P use by 50% or more
Reduction of 50% in nitrogen and phosphate use can be achieved through the example below:

The first application is at planting; nitrate and other nutrients are placed directly with the tuber or seed, available for use by initial radicles.

A second pocket of “starter” fertiliser is within the exploration area (10-15%) of the lateral roots as they develop.

Subsequently, novel foliar nitrogen formulations are applied, matching demand, increasing uptake and dramatically reducing the wastage through leaching, denitrification, volatilisation and immobilisation.

Other crops can benefit from a similar protocol – for the OptiYield Core- Optimised Growth Development Programmes.

Improve yields by 10-25%

Over the past 5 years, our growers have been using our OptiYield® system with considerable success in crops that include potatoes, carrots, beetroot, parsnips, onions, leeks and brassicas for which we have seen consistent increases in marketable yields from 10 – 25 % as an average, providing substantial net profit increases for the majority of our clients.

Improve crop resilience and reliability

Crop resilience is increased through:

  • Reduced Crop Stress
  • Improved Vigour
  • Better Rooting
  • Less Disease
  • Quicker Germination
Improve soil health and crop quality

OptiYield®in soil analysis and the development of a tailored nutrient management programme by crop variety. By not taking a dated ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, it utilises a series of algorithms that has been developed from 15 years’ extensive research and development in soil and plant nutrient utilisation.

Improvements in soil health can be measured through improved:

  • Carbon Sequestered
  • Microbial Diversity
  • Earthworms
  • Soil Structure
  • Stability
  • Reduced Erosion


Minimise field losses or crop rejection

Increased crop quality and marketable yields are demonstrated through:

  • Higher BRIX
  • Higher Protein
  • Better Flowering
  • More Even Crops

Thereby decreasing losses from the field or through quality rejections.


We can help you achieve this with our Optimised Growth Development programmes. Click here to learn more.

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