Folia-N Nitrogen Foliar Fertiliser 

Folia-N Nitrogen Foliar Fertiliser Use:

Revolutionary foliar replacement for nitrogen top-dressing.

Benefits of Folia-N Nitrogen Foliar Fertiliser:

  • Proven and practiced fertilisation technology for several years
  • Making nitrogen fertilisation independent of unfavourable weather conditions
  • Achieving a high and qualitative yield (including an increase in the protein content in the grain)
  • Reduction of nitrogen fertilisation costs
  • Acting in accordance with the Nitrates Directive and the European Green Deal strategy
  • High bioavailability of 95% (traditionally, nitrogen is only 10-30% bioavailable)
  • Efficient use of nitrogen and sulphur (strong synergism between nitrogen and sulphur)
  • Reducing nitrogen losses
  • No nitrate pollution of groundwater
  • Potential of using treatments combined with fungicide treatments (saving time and expenditure on fuel costs)


    Potatoes, most arable and field vegetable crops.

    Pack Size:

    10l, 200l, 600l, 1000l (IBC), Tanker

    Folia-N Nitrogen Foliar Fertilser 1000l IBC
    MSDS Sheet
    Product Label

    Folia-N is specially formulated for application to cereals, potatoes, oilseed rape, field vegetables and other arable crops to enhance yield and quality. It is a stabilised Nitrogen foliar feed containing Nitrogen in both the Ammoniacal and Ureic forms. 

    Folia-N Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE) is typically >95% when applied to a full crop canopy and can therefore replace standard top-dressings at much lower rates of use.



    w/w %

    w/v %


    Nitrogen (N)




    Sulphur (SO3)




    Note:  do not over-dilute. Over-dilution may reduce crop safety. Use in a total volume of 75 – 175 litres depending on rate of use.





    All Arable and Field Vegetable crops

    Timings are dependent on crop, residual nitrogen and targets.

    10 – 100 L / ha

    Folia-N Product Label

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