Consortium-AL for Onions, Leeks & Garlic

Reformulated superior formulation for 2024 season!

Consortium-AL for Onions, Leeks and Garlic Use:

A symbiotic mixture of active microbial spores designed to improve soil and crop health, vitality and nutrition, specifcally developed for Alliums (Onions, Leeks and Garlic)

Benefits of Consortium-AL:

▪ Increased resilience to environmental stresses (e.g. drought, heat, cold or wet)
▪ Fix nitrogen from the atmosphere directly into root zone
▪ Solubilisation and delivery of phosphate, manganese, sulphate and iron to root surface
▪ Improves rooting efficiency and directly stimulates root growth
▪ Releases polysaccharides and natural plant hormone precursors beneficial to crop health
▪ Isolated uniquely from UK soils
▪ Helps to develop a more diverse and benevolent soil environment


    Specifically developed for Alliums (Onions, Leeks & Garlic).

    Pack Size:

    0.5 kg (1 ha pack)

    Consortium AL product label
    MSDS Sheet
    Product Label

    Soil health is impaired both by poor cultivation/rotation practices and overuse of input factors such as; fertilisers, fungicides, nematicides and insecticides. 

    Consortium-AL contains a unique combination of especially selected, synergistic species and strains of soil-derived bacteria (as active spores) and fungi to improve soil health, crop vigour and root development.

    Consortium-AL also contains a mixture of fermented High-Carbon Biomass extract rich in amino acids, humic and fulvic compounds. These compounds have been specifically developed to feed and stimulate the growth of the beneficial microbial colonies found in OptiYield microbial mixtures.

    Application should be either at, or as soon as possible after, planting or sowing with a view to getting the product closely in contact with the seed.

    This may be mixed with seed in the hopper, through a powder or liquid applicator or sprayed onto the soil surface after sowing.

    We recommend pre-creaming or stirring into water before further dilution

    Water Volumes – Consortium-Plus should be applied to run-of to provide a full coverage of all foliage and stems. Guide 150-200 l/ha of water.

    Crop Timing Rate
    Alliums In furrow/row at planting  or applied with seed when soils are warm  – may be tank mixed with fungicides & herbicides 0.5 kg / ha

    Applied to soil surface after planting warm  – may be tank mixed with fungicides & herbicides.

    Higher rate of water advised

    0.75 kg / ha

    Module Drench 

    0.25 kg/ha

    Per 100Lts of water 


    Post emergence (Foliar to run-of) at intervals of 14-28 days or as advised.

    0.25 kg/ha 

    To request a MSDS sheet e-mail [email protected] 

    Consortium AL product label

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