OptiYield® Full Lifecycle Nutrient Management Plan

OptiYield Soil Analysis Results
General farm information

General information collected:

  • Farm contact details
  • Sampling information
  • Crop – including: variety, quality parameters, desired tonnage


Growth Stage

Recommendations are based on key crop-specific growth stages, which research results have shown to be the most important timings for influencing harvest results through nutritional support.


Base fertiliser recommendations for phosphate, potash, magnesium, calcium and sulphur.


Alternative base fertiliser recommendations adjusted by OptiYield especially phosphate – The adjustment is critical in making sure that both use of phosphate and crop yield are optimised.

Foliar Nutrients

When OptiYield indicates potential nutrient antagonism or ‘lock-up’ in the soil, then supplementary foliar nutrients are recommended at the optimum rate and growth stage.

Foliar Applications

Recommendations for foliar applications of nutrient and biostimulant mixtures based on the interpretation of the soil analysis and balanced with the dynamic needs of the crop related to growth stage.