Optimised Growth Performance - Potatoes

OptiYield Core is a tailored ‘ready-to-go’ programme from the OptiYield product family. OptiYield Core pinpoints a potato crop’s most important growth stages and targets these with the appropriate mixture of nutrients and biostimulants to maximise performance and minimise waste.
Trials of OptiYield Core products have consistently delivered improved marketable yields of potatoes, carrots and other crops between 10-25 %, leading to significant increases in net ROI of £500 – £1,500 per hectare.

OptiYield Core - Potatoes (Earlies under film)

Optimised growth development programme for potatoes - Earlies under film

OptiYield Core- Potatoes (Seed and Earlies)

Optimised growth programmes for Potatoes - Seed & Earlies

OptiYield Core - Potatoes (Maincrop)

Optimised growth programmes for maincrop potatoes