OptiYield® Soil Analysis Results Report

OptiYield Soil Analysis Results
General farm information

General information collected :-

  • Farm contact details
  • Sampling information
  • Crop – including quality parameters and desired tonnage


Soil Snapshot
  • Soil Texture: Breakdown of key textural groups
  • Cation Antagonism: Ca, Mg & K compete for uptake at the root interface, adding one will often affect the availability of the others
  • Soil Fitness – 16 factors combine to determine both soil health and ability to grow crops
Soil charcteristics

Standard soil analysis tests plus organic matter meeting SAM1 of the Sustinabale Farming Incentive.

Phosphorus Sorption Index and Phosphate Availability

Phosphorus Sorption Index (PSI) provides a percentage measurement of the soil’s capacity to retain or release phosphate to the crop. The higher the percentage, the more available the phosphate. PSI has been both measured and calculated to allow more accurate interpretation.

Cationic Nutrient Availability

Graphics show availability levels of the 4 cations, accounting for any antagonsim, including any recommendation for fertiliser addition.

Minor & Micronutrient Availability

Micronutrient analytical levels are corrected against algorithms using multiple soil characteristics affecting availability.


Additional notes, comments or observations that may need to be considered.