OptiYield – Independent Replicated Field & Plot Carrot Trials

by | Nov 7, 2023 | OptiYield-Projects, Trial Reports

Independent replicated field trials were carried out by Huntapac Produce Ltd. on maincrop carrots, it measured the effect of OptiYield foliar nutrients & biostimulants as recommend by the OptiYield System on crop growth, quality and marektable yields. 

The results 

  • 18% average increase in yield
  • Increase in nutrient content of carrots
  • Significant increase in rooting
  • 70% decrease in Cavity Spot disease
  • Demonstrates power of Full Programme

Marketable Yield response Treatments vs. Control (2015)

  • Full Programme: 17.8% average marketable yield increase
  • Nutrients only: 8.5% average marketable yield increase
  • Biostimulants only: 7.3% average marketable yield increase