Trials carried out by Kincraigie Growers, a 150ha seed potato-growing operation based in central Perthshire, have clearly demonstrated the potential of OptiYield foliar treatments.

  • Net margin increases around £500 per hectare
  • Fully committed to using OptiYield across all our cropping for the 2019 season
  • Healthier canopies, larger root masses, more tubers with a more even size distribution.

Director Andrew Lorimer has over 30 years of operational experience in managing seed for ware and processing and trading in overseas markets.

Kincraigie Growers supplies top quality, limited-generation seed for a range of varieties that are tailored to specific needs and supplied direct to end users.

As well as producing higher yields of healthy vigorous seed and improving quality, OptiYield also fits well with the business’s philosophy to move towards greater sustainability and becoming less reliant on chemistry.

“It’s very clear that farmers will need to adapt rapidly to diminishing agrochemical availability as well as climate swings and changes,” says Mr Lorimer.

“Crops will need to be robust, so understanding a plant’s needs using customised programmes using products designed to promote both crop and soil health has to be the way forward.”

Kincraigie Growers used the OptiYield Core programme commercially in 2018. Treated crops exhibited healthier canopies, larger root masses and more tubers with a more even size distribution. Mr Lorimer identified typical yield increases of 2.5t/ha, equating to an additional £500/ha profit and a significant increase in tuber numbers. In one independently verified test dig a 9% increase was recorded.

“Crops certainly looked better than expected given there was no irrigation available. As well as greener canopies we saw increased stem numbers and reduced crop stress compared to our standard treatment.”

The aim this season is to conduct commercial trials on other sites and with other growers to assess performance across a wider geographical spread to take in a greater range of crop challenges.

And, says Mr Lorimer: “As Kincraigie Growers we will be fully committed to using OptiYield across all our cropping for the 2019 season.”