Autumn Update

With the end of harvest in sight for both cereal and potato growers, autumn is making its presence felt both morning and evening, so our thinking turns inevitably to the coming season; field planning, crops, varieties, fertiliser and so on.

This year (more than most) planning and pre-ordering is critical, as many manufactures are finding their supply chain compromised by Brexit, what we hope is the tail end of the Covid pandemic – and now we are hearing of major disruption to Nitrogen fertiliser supplies too.

Guaranteeing supply

With the warnings of supply and transport issues across many sectors, we would like to reassure our customers that we are currently able to supply Autumn products within 48 hours as normal.

Combating Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle in OSR

Since the ban on the use of neonicotinoid seed treatments and the rise in resistance to pyrethroid insecticides, Cabbage stem flea beetles (CSFB) have been wreaking havoc with the UK’s winter oils seed rape (WOSR) crops, making some crops marginal to grow.

OptiYield ® SiKal

Winter OSR trial results have shown that the superior concentrated Potash & Silicon formulation in OptiYield ® SiKal has a crop strengthening effect going into winter. This makes the crop more resilient to stresses and can make the crop more resistant to CSFB when applied post emergence at the 3/5 leaf stage during the autumn. Application rates:- 1-1.5l/ha for crops from 3-leaf stage onwards.

Getting cereals off to a flying start….

OptiYield ® BioZest

Trials have shown that Optiyield BioZest gives winter cereal crops a head start over the winter months, by:-

  • Stronger establishment
  • Increased rooting & vigour
  • Increased photosynthetic area and photosynthetic efficiency during reduced daylight hours.

Application rates:-

  • 0.5l/ha for crops from two tillers onwards
  • Add 0.75 kg/ha of OptiYield® Mn to further improve winter resilience and early spring growth.

Proper planning, prevents poor performance…

To be ahead of the game, those of you who are looking to extend your use of the full OptiYield Bioactive system, please contact us early with regard to booking your soil analysis for this season, along with discussing the application of microbial mixtures at planting.

The earlier we produce your tailored biostimulant, micro/macro nutrient and foliar fertilizer programme the better for guaranteeing application timings and supply.

If you are thinking about using the OptiYield Core program in the coming season, again the early planning ensures timely delivery and the opportunity to optimise application timings with weather and soil conditions

OptiYield ® Soil Analysis

OptiYield® unique soil analysis system uses detailed soil analysis and computer algorithms to determine true nutritional needs and produces a programme focused on key crop growth stages, key recommendations designed to address the principle needs of the crop and at the optimum timings and aimed at delivering significant increases in crop yield and quality.

OptiYield ® Mn

Suitable for:-

  • Cereals
  • Oilseeds

Treatment timing:

As soon as there is sufficient foliage to absorb the spray followed by a programmed approach of multiple low dose applications

Autumn treatment is especially recommended to improve health and winter hardiness. Manganese also contributes to disease resistance.

Add 0.75 – 1.00 kg/ha of OptiYield® Mn to further improve winter resilience and early spring growth.

Trials update

We are currently rounding up the results of our POSTCOVA trials that have been running over two sites in Wales. Bangor University have run one site at Henfaes, Bangor and Puffin Produce have run a second lot of trials sites in Pembrokeshire.

The initial results are exciting and clearly point towards significant reduction in Nitrogen & Phosphate fertiliser inputs, while maintaining or improving yields using our OptiYield® technologies.