Aqui-S Foliar Sulphur 

Aqui-S Foliar Sulphur Use:

To promote growth and correct sulphur deficiency.

Benefits of Aqui-S Foliar Sulphur: 

  • Combined formulation of dual rapid and slow acting forms of sulphur with nitrogen in solution.
  • Sulphurs reduce nitrogen loss
  • Promote growth and correct sulphur deficiency
  • Contains surfactants to improve tank mixing compatibility
  • Contains a blend of adjuvants to enhance the spread and rainfast adhesion of the nutrients on foliage.


All arable and root and field vegetable crops.

Pack Size:

10l, (Outer 2 x 10l)

Aqui-S Foliar sulphur label
MSDS Sheet
Product Label
Analysis g/l 
Ammoniacal Nitrogen (N) 140 
Soluble Sulphur as Sulphur Trioxide (SO3) 825

FOLIAR APPLICATION: Rapidly corrects Sulphur deficiency and promotes both growth and protein content of arable crops and grassland. Particularly effective on OSR and brassicas showing Sulphur deficiency.

2-5 l/hectare at medium volume water rates. (Low rates may be used if applied alone or with a single fungicide/insecticide)

If applying with acidic products such as the OptiYield dry flowable range never apply in less than 125 l/ha water and add to tank first.

Autumn & Winter 

Applications help to decompose crop residues and increase bacterial activity. Improves soil tilth, water retention and utilisation of Phosphate and Potassium; particularly in high PH soils.


Applications at pre-planting and ploughing; builds up soil tilth and essential organisms; and the release of residual plant nutrients to provide a deep feed for summer crops, OPTIYIELD AQUI-S is also an important source of sulphur when applied with other liquid fertilisers and is an excellent carrier for herbicides and micro-nutrients.

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Aqui-S Foliar sulphur label

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